Athletics Kenya president, Jackson Tuwei, has confirmed that Kenya has submitted a bid document to host the 2025 World Championships.

Tuwei feels that Kenya’s history of producing world-class athletes gives them a real chance of becoming the first African host of the global showpiece.

“We feel like Kenya is the spiritual home of athletics,” he said.

Kenya has a rich history in middle- and long-distance athletics, boasting 60 World and 34 Olympic champions while also currently holding eight women’s and nine men’s world records.

Reports suggest that Olympic host city Tokyo also put in a bid ahead of Friday’s deadline.

World Athletics says it is “not in a position to release any information yet” about any bids it has received.

“It has never been hosted in Africa and never been done in Kenya, so we believe that it is our time,” Tuwei added.

“We couldn’t have managed to get the bid document without government support and we are very grateful.”

He also believes that Kenya’s experience of hosting both the Under-20 World Athletics Championships earlier this year and the Under-18 version in 2017 sets them in good stead.

“We learnt a lot of lessons out of those two events and I believe we are now ready to act on those lessons we learnt,” he insisted.

The head of African athletics, Hamad Kalkaba Malboum, said back in 2017 that he wanted the continent to host the 2025 World Championships, mentioning Kenya as a possible host.

World Athletics, the sport’s global governing body, is set to visit the bidding cities in early 2022 and could announce the hosts in March.

The American city Eugene will host the World Athletics Championships in 2022, after they were delayed from this year to accommodate the Olympics, which had also been postponed due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The 2023 championships, meanwhile, will be held in the Hungarian capital Budapest.