The Football Kenya Federation has suspended Zoo FC from all football related activities. Also suspended are the slumboys Mathare United.

FKF has cracked the whip on Zoo and Mathare for failing to endorse the media and commercial rights between the federation and StarTimes Media limited.

The clubs have until December, 11, 2020, 17.00PM to sign and submit to FKF the mandatory endorsement upon which the suspension shall automatically be lifted.

“We have suspended Mathare United and Zoo FC because they have refused to sign the StarTimes deal and for now they will not be part of the fixtures,” said FKF President Nick Mwendwa.

Failure to give an endorsement will see both clubs stare at possible expulsion.

“In the absence of an endorsement within that stipulated time, the suspension will be tabled at the next FKF general assembly where members of FKF shall either confirm or lift the suspension” read a letter by FKF to the clubs.