Harambee Stars goalkeeper Patrick Matasi has been hospitalized after he was involved in a horrific accident along the Kapasabet-Nakuru road.

According to Citizen digital, the St. Georges shot stopper is currently undergoing treatment at Kapsabet hospital where he was rushed to, in an ambulance, from Lessos clinic.

It has been reported that the ex-Tusker FC custodian lost control of the car with the tyre bursting before rolling off the road.

Matasi has complained of chest pains and is undergoing several scans. His relative Albert Mulanda told Citizen.

“The car lost control and developed a tyre burst then rolled over,” said Mulada.

“Matasi was with his family and two brothers in-law and currently the doctor is running some scans on him because he is complaining of chest pains” he added.

Matasi’s wife who was also in the car together with their child have also suffered multiple injuries.