Azam TV will be the official broadcaster of the Tanzania Premier League for another ten years. This is after it won a tender in a deal worth Tshs. 225.6 billion shillings (Kshs. 10.5 billion).

This is the largest sponsorship deal ever signed in East and Central Africa.

Below is the breakdown of the prize money teams in the Tanzanian league will get based on their position in the league standings.

Champion – TShs. 500 Million (Kshs. 23,232,871)

Second place – Tshs.250 Million (Kshs. 11,616,435)

Third place – Tshs.225 Million (Kshs. 10,454,791)

Fourth place – Tshs.200 Million (Kshs. 9,293,148)

Fifth place – Tshs.65 Million (Kshs. 3,020,273)

Sixth place – Tshs.60 Million (Kshs. 2,787,944)

Seventh place -Tshs.55 Million (Kshs. 2,555,615)

Eighth place -Tshs.50 Million (Kshs. 2,323,287)

Ninth Place – Tshs.45 Million (Kshs. 2,090,309)

Tenth Place -Tshs. 40 Million (Kshs. 1,858,053)

Eleventh Place -Tshs. 35 Million (Kshs. 1,625,796)

Twelfth Place – Tshs. 30 Million (Kshs. 1,393,539)

Thirteenth Place – Tshs. 25 Million (Kshs. 1,161,283)

Playoff – Tshs. 20 Million (Kshs. 929,026)