The highly anticipated top of the table clash between Simba SC and Yanga SC dubbed ‘Kariakoo Derby’ has been postponed.

There was an initial change in kick-off time, a development that was opposed by Yanga SC who arrived at the stadium early and even went out for warm up.

Following failure by their opponents Simba to arrive on time and with no match officials in sight, Yanga left the stadium meaning no match could take place.

How it all Happened:

At 5:35 pm the Yanga players left the changing rooms, boarded their bus and then left the stadium.

As the car left the stadium their fans escorted them while chanting “TFF, TFF”.

All this was caused by the Tanzania Football Federation ‘TFF’ who changed kick off time with only three hours left.

The match was originally scheduled to be played today at 5:00 pm but at 2pm it was re-scheduled to 7.00 pm.

Yanga disagreed with the decision and arrived at 4pm for the match.

The Simba bus arrived at the stadium at 5:20 pm as Yanga fans moved around the chanting ‘TFF’.

The match has now been moved to a date that will be communicated later.