Kenyan midfielder Johanna Omolo has said that Stuttgart’s Silas Katompa Mvumpa has been very courageous to tell his story. This is after the Congolese forward revealed that he is not Silas Wamangituka and that his real name is actually Silas Katompa Mvumpa. 

He also revealed that he is 22-years old, not 21.

According to Silas, he was a victim of fraudulent practices by his former agent.

Omolo has weighed in on the matter and during an interview with DW’s Kickoff, the former Cercle Brugge man stated that many young African footballers have been victims of unscrupulous player representatives/agents.

“It’s the lack of of knowledge when a player comes from Africa to to Europe,” Omolo who plys his trade with Turkish side BB Erzurumspor told DW.

Some agents “take advantage that the the players from Africa, they don’t know the system, how it works.”

“Since I’ve been a kid, we’ve been sold this idea of if you want to be a professional football player, if you want to achieve your dreams, you only have to come to Europe and that leads to led to many of us just rushing to Europe.”

Omolo also revealed that he is aware of hundreds of players lured to Europe from Africa, most of whom do not make it with top-tier clubs.


Mvumpa’s club, Stuttgart, announced in a statement on Tuesday that their striker had recently revealed the information to them, saying that he was a victim of fraudulent practices by his former agent.

Mvumpa had a tryout with Belgian side Anderlecht in 2017 and he says he was pressured to move to Paris by his former representative. Mvumpa’s agent allowed the young player to live with him in Paris and, according to Mvumpa, also changed his name and date of birth. Mvumpa joined Stuttgart in 2019 from French second-division side Paris FC.

Stuttgart believe the agent altered Mvumpa’s identity to help Mvumpa break ties with his old club in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mvumpa’s home country, and also to increase the young player’s dependence on the agent.