The Premier League released the fixture calendar for the 2022/2023 season on Thursday, June 16.

With the Premier League fixture scheduled released, fans and players can now look forward to an exciting Premier League season in seven weeks’ time.

Manchester City secured the Premier League title last season for the second year in a row, and they are expected to be neck to neck with Liverpool in the coming campaign as well.

Typically, the traditional ‘Big Six’ are expected to fight for the title, but that always seems to change as the season wears on.

What fans should expect

  1. Six-week break

In order to accommodate the 2022 World Cup, the Premier League campaign will have to take a break of more than six weeks.

FIFA has stipulated that players must be released for international duty by November 14, meaning the mid-season break will last a little longer than six weeks.

The spectacle will take place from November 21 to December 31.

  • First clash of the titans

Based on how the competition has gone in recent seasons, it is safe to say Liverpool and Man City are the big guns in the league.

The two clubs will meet in the Premier League curtain-raiser clash, Community Shield Cup, before the start of the campaign, but more significantly, their true clash will happen on October 15.

  • Number of fixtures before the mid-season

The league campaign is set to start a week early to accommodate the World Cup break.

Between the start of the season and the time players break for World Cup, there will be a total of 16 matchdays before the break.

  • All Matchday 1 fixtures

Ahead of the new season, fans can look forward to the following matches on the first weekend:

Friday, August 5

Crystal Palace vs Arsenal {20:00 BST}

Saturday, August 6

12:30 PM|

Fulham vs Liverpool

15:00 PM|

Bournemouth vs Aston Villa {15:00}

Leeds vs Wolves

Leicester vs Brentford

Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest

Tottenham vs Southampton

17:30 PM|

Everton vs Chelsea

Sunday, August 7

14:00 PM|

Man United vs Brighton Hove and Albion

16:30 PM|

West Ham vs Man City

*British Summer Time*

  • No Big Six meetings on November 12-13

As reported by BBC Sport, the FA had a request granted, and there will thus be no clashes between the traditional ‘Big Six’ sides, presumably because of the intensity of those games.

Source: Sports Brief News