Chemelil Football Club has been disbanded. According to a number of players within the club, a message was sent to them on Tuesday informing them of the latest development.

A decision was made by the company for the club not to participate anymore in whatever levels of Kenyan football.

“The company management has reluctantly and painfully taken an abrupt decision not to participate any more in what ever levels of Kenyan football premier league under the prevailing circumstances factored by leasing program of the sugar milling factories until further notice” read part of the message sent out to players as seen by Sportsplugke.

According to the message, Sony Sugar Football Club has also been disbanded.

“We are not alone, even Sony sugar has suffered the same fate. It’s regrettably sad but a bitter pill to swallow without an option. As a chair, it hit me too strong to cope, forcing me to take a break and internalize the effect of decision which explains why I have not been able to take calls to this end.. thanks and let’s remain steadfast and positive as we embrace future…we are in God’s hands”.

Chemelil sugar’s Vincent Wanga also took to his social media platforms to confirm the news. Wanga scored three goals for Chemelil last season before the club was relegated from the KPL for giving three walkovers.

“It’s a sad reality that Chemelil sugar FC will be no more. But again God is above all. Thanks for the lessons and making me stronger than before” he posted.

Chemelil FC was founded in 1968 and joined the district league. It won the Provincial league in 1995 and was promoted to the Super League, now National Super League. The team needed only one season to be promoted to the Premier League.

The team has witnessed a dip in form over the past few years with things made even more worse by the tough economic times that hit various sugar industries.

Below is Chemelil’s Performance For The Past 10 Years (Courtesy of Tisini.co.ke)

It is a sad ending for the millers who have also participated in the CAF Confederations Cup before. In 2004, it reached the Preliminary round but withdrew from the same stage in the following year.