Familiarized with the game of football at a tender age of 6, is the resilient young talented player Manveer Singh , son of Mr.Tajinder Singh and Mrs.Rupinder Kaur having been born in a family of four.

His dream to pursue professional football is far fetched from the time he joined Nakuru Athletic Club at age 7 , whereby he shared pitch with the FG Academy.

The major pillars of holding onto the game for him are mainly a cocktail of hard work, discipline, teamwork and grit which would later see him play for Nakuru Soccer Academy thanks to his overwhelmingly supportive parents who have never let their grip off his boots.

He however also bears an undeniable high level of IQ or lets just call him an intelligent chap. He is celebrated for his triumph in a speed spelling competition during a past event held at the Jones Lions Academy in 2017, an attribute that has earned him top 3 positions in his class each and every exam.

Manveer is not only a great student but also an A-list player currently enrolled at Bucks Football Academy , having been registered by the Kenya Football Federation under the tutelage of his able coaches ; Mr.Chris who is the head coach and Mr.Gerrard. Through these two he has been able to sharpen his skills in the game of football , constantly going out of his way to challenge himself.

For Manveer , football begins at Liverpool , a renown international club he eyes most and wishes he joins in the nearest future.