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Former AFC Leopards Chairman Mathews Opwora with Ingwe Fans//Photo Courtesy

Just what is ailing AFC Leopards, a club that was once considered a football powerhouse not just in Kenya but in East Africa?

The past few years have seen the fortunes of Ingwe dwindle with new clubs like Kariobangi Sharks rising to the occasion at the expense of the 12 time KPL Champions.

Well, former Chairman Mathews Opwora seem to have all the answers Ingwe Fans and football stakeholders across the country have been yearning for.

According to Opwora, the management of the club is to blame for the current woes facing it.

There have been claims that the former Ingwe boss is to blame for the current transfer drama at Ingwe, claims he has now come out to sensationally deny.

Opwora was accused of being the main reason as to why some players refused to extend their contract with the club.

He was particularly linked with defender David Cheche Ochieng’s departure from the den.

“We have no problem at all with AFC Leopards players, the biggest problem at the club is the management. The club has not been registered as per the Sports Act of 2013 and all is the failure of the management,” Said Opwora during an interview with Citizen TV.

“I have no problem with any of the player because I understand they are a very important part of AFC Leopards. We need players at AFC Leopards from every part of this country because it is a national club.”

Opwora has also welcomed the recent nullifications of the elections held by Ingwe on June 23. In the elections, Dan Shikanda was voted as Chairman.

The elections were nullified by the Registrar of Sports Rose Wasike.

He called on Dan Shikanda to stop identifying himself as the elected chairman of the club since his election was cancelled.

“The management has totally failed to follow the orders of the Registrar of Sports (Rose Wasike). It was clear the elections were not to be conducted because there was no green light from the Registrar but they went on to elect themselves despite the clear instructions and orders,” Opwora added.

“Without the certificate from the Registrar of High Court, Shikanda cannot claim that he is the elected chairman of AFC Leopards. He will only be recognized as such if he gets the certificate and be registered by the Registrar of Sports,” he added.