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Coach Hassan Oktay Applauds Fans During a Past Match in Kasarani//Photo Courtesy

On the pitch, Gor Mahia head coach Hassan Oktay always cut the figure of a jovial man who is always hungry for positive results.

Oktay has however been a stressed and disturbed man who could not completely concentrate on his job as the head coach.

According to Citizen Digital, this has widely been attributed to his parents’ health back in Turkey.

The Turkish Cypriot’s mum and dad have been battling cancer for sometime now. Being a good son, Coach Oktay has time and again been worried over his parents and has constantly been checking on them. This has taken a huge toll on him with the KPL League winner forced to work in Kenya but at the same time have his attention shifted to Turkey.

His Parents have accrued huge medical bills that obviously need his attention back home.

It is his parents health that made him take a sabbatical leave contrary to what a number of people believe. Reports have been rife that coach Oktay got coaching offers elsewhere, reports he has since denied.

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Coach Oktay at a Past Gor Mahia Training Session at Camp Toyoyo//Photo by Capital Sports

Oktay has quashed the spreading rumours and has insisted that he has not got any coaching offers and that if he indeed did, he would have already made it public.

Monday saw Gor Mahia grant coach oktay a leave, a leave that chairman Ambrose Rachier later confirmed would run for 8 days.

“Coach Hassan Oktay requested for eight days to attend to family matters back at home and in his absence, assistant coach Patrick Odhiambo will take full charge of the team as we continue to prepare for the assignment ahead,” Said Rachier as quoted by Gor Mahia News.

Coach Oktay has also maintained that his leave is purely on family issues that need his attention.

“I have not been contacted by any club as reported, I would have disclosed if there was an offer,” Said Oktay as quoted by Gor Mahia News.

“My leave is purely on family issues that really need my attention. I Love Gor Mahia because it’s a family that have made me feel at home,” he added.

With Oktay absent, Assistant coach Patrick Odhiambo, who is barely two months old will act as the interim boss.

Meanwhile, Gor Mahia will leave the Country for Sudan where they will take on Al Hilal football club in a friendly.

“The team will be traveling to Sudan on Thursday, 1st August to play a friendly match against Al Hilal Club on Friday, 2nd August,” Read a Statement from Gor Mahia.