In a period where many football fans are paying close attention to the transfer window, one man usually stands out as the number one source to run to for the latest in transfer news.

With his “Here we go!” phrase, Fabrizio Romano has managed to to build a huge following across his social media pages with many thirsty football fans time and again tasking him with revealing the latest happenings across the transfer circles.

But just how does he do it? How has one man managed to break some of the biggest transfer news in the world of football?

For Fabrizio, his journey started when he was just 19 years old. He joined Sky Sport Italy and it was here that he managed to build major contacts with clubs, football agents and intermediaries across the European leagues.

He has since then become a trusted source of transfer news and he is not about to stop anytime soon. While many of us enjoy the actual football matches in the stadiums, Fabrizio loves the transfer business more than any football activity.

“I prefer the transfer window to the actual football matches! Of course I love games, but there is an excitement about working on the market and how things can change so quickly” he said.

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, the Italian opened up about his work and what he really puts in to give us those interesting transfer news.

Now Here we go!

According to Fabrizio, he did not plan for ‘here we go!’ to become a brand.

“To be honest, I cannot even remember clearly when it started, but it was a deal about Manchester United, maybe Paul Pogba, and it had been going on for a couple of months. People kept asking me for updates, and when the deal was finally in place I just said, ‘here we go!’

“People liked it and started to ask me about other transfer rumours, they wanted another ‘here we go!’ about their club” he told Bleacher Report.

For the well traveled journalist, getting a big transfer news feels like scoring an important goal in a big match. He for instance points out at Bruno Fernandes’ move to united as one of the biggest stories of his career.

“I remember when Bruno Fernandes joined Manchester United; that was a good one for me. When you put in so much on one story, and I get the news it has finally happened, I feel excited” he said.

“People ask me which team I support, but it is not about that. I am excited because of the way the signing will make people feel,” he added.


With his following growing day by day, Fabrizio strives to remain a reliable source of news. This he says is not a walk in the park even as he tries not to disrespect other journalists in the game.

The transfer world has transitioned to the digital space and with this, Fabrizio notes that he always has to be ready.

“The market has changed in recent years. It used to be meetings with people or getting an agent on the phone, but now you can speak to people on social media as well. I always have to be ready.

On his secret to success, Fabrizio gives credit to Gianluca Di Marzio, an Italian journalist who he says taught him a lot. He also says that having a good relationship with agents and intermediaries has helped him a lot as he now has very many sources of verified information.