Kenyans will in a week know the fate of sporting activities following the ongoing spread of Covid-19. An advisory committee that was last month formed to help plan and advise on the return of sporting activities in the country will soon give protocols for the resumption of the same.

According to Sports Chief Administrative Secretary Noor Hassan Noor, the agreed on protocols will be presented to the National Covid-19 response team in the next seven days for further action.

“We are working seriously to come up with protocols for resumption of sports in due course. We are alive to the fact that Sports is a key sector like other sectors in Kenya thus the need for resumption as soon as possible, ” said Noor during a visit at the Kericho Green Stadium.

Sports CS Amina Mohamed formed a 25- member committee chaired by Hon. Hassan Noor Hassan to help come up with strategies on how best to resume sporting activities. It was mandated to engage all key stakeholders including but not limited to sports organizations and collect their views on the same.

The committee was also tasked with reviewing the global trends in the resumption of sporting activities.

It will also recommend protocols that should be applied while resuming while at the same time reviewing and recommending any other matter that may affect resumption.