Nairobi City Stars tactician Nicholas Muyoti has lamented that the suspension of the FKF Premier League [FKF-PL] has affected his team’s preparations and training program.

The FKF caretaker committee suspended all football leagues a week ago following the disbandment of FKF by the government.

The caretaker committee had earlier uttered and literally maintained that the league resumes this weekend but that seems impossible with a lot of logistics yet to be handled and set in place.

In an interview with Mozzart Sport, Muyoti said: “When you do not know when the league is going to resumes then definitely affects how you prepare. You cannot maintain the same momentum when you do not know when the league resumes and this also affects the players because they are not top focused, you know when the opponent you are playing is known there is that excitement and anxiety from the players because they are looking forward to a particular game. Right now we are doing normal training and a couple of friendly games”.