The clock is ticking and the date for the Gor Mahia FC elections is fast approaching. Many people did not expect to see chairman Ambrose Rachier defend his seat in the upcoming polls following his statement last year.

Back in 2019, Rachier said that he will be leaving the management of the club to new people. This will however not be the case as the long serving chairman is out to steer the Kogallo ship one more time.

In a clear change of mind, Rachier has now revealed that his family has given him the go ahead to run for position of chairman in the August polls. According to him, his family believe that he should lead Gor Mahia for one more term and he has their blessings.

“I have spoken with my family and they have told me that Gor Mahia are important and that I should stick a little bit around then I can leave later on,” Rachier told Radio Jambo.

“We have had successful family negotiations and I have their blessings to contest again. They have given me permission just to steady the boat.

“Not all family members have agreed to this but those who supported the move told me to go for just one term” said Rachier.

He has now called on other contestants to come on board and challenge him at the polls.

“Gor Mahia are not a monarch and I welcome other people to come and challenge me in the ballot” he said.

With Gor Mahia facing many challenges in recent months, Rachier has pointed out this as the main reason as to why he is presenting himself for elections. He has said that his main aim is to leave the Gor Mahia ship steady and in great hands.

“Only once last year did I say I will not stand again but due to the challenges, we have had as a club, I decided otherwise.

“It would be wrong for me to jump out of the sinking ship because I will be blamed. I decided to stay a bit longer so that I can steady it then I will leave and give a chance for other people to lead” he said.

Gor Mahia elections are set for 8th of August and only registered members will be allowed to take part.

To become a member, one needs to pay an annual non-refundeble fee of Kshs 1200, using MPESA Pay Bill number 350100, with ID number as account number.