According to Oxford Brookes University and 12 other academic institutions study as published on Daily Mail Sport, new research claims that repetitive head impacts can cause degenerative brain disease, urging leading sports fraternities to acknowledge the findings.

The experts have issued a global call for further chronic traumatic encephalopathy {CTE} prevention efforts to help curb the problem, especially for children.

In an analysis provided by Concussion Legacy Foundation UK, collective studies shows that contact-sport athletes were at least 68 times more likely to develop CTE than those who did not play any contact sport.

The researchers are hopeful they can convince global sporting organisations such as FIFA and World Rugby into acknowledging that there is a casual link between CTE and repetitive head impacts.

Earlier this month, English football governing body, FA, announced it would start a trial to remove heading in selected grassroots matches and leagues for under 12 players.