Defending Tanzanian champions Simba SC have signed a two-year contract with Vunjabei group. The new deal will see the fashion store manufacture and distribute jerseys for Simba’s senior, women and youth teams and is worth Tzhs. 2 billion (Approx. Kshs. 100 million).

Simba CEO Barbara Gonzalez revealed that 11 companies had applied for the deal but Vunjabei group met the criteria and that’s why the club agreed to do business with them.

She also said that in addition to making jerseys, Vunjabei group will also make accessories such as bracelets, phone bags, bags, sunglasses and hats that will have Simba club logos and colours.

“Today it is official, we have signed a two-year agreement with Vunjabei group who won the tender and beat 11 other companies.

“We hope our contract will go hand in hand with the agreement as we believe Vunjabeigroup is a large company specializing in the sale of clothing,” said Barbara.

On his end Vunjabei Group CEO Fred Fabian thanked the Simba leadership for being professional in the tendering process.

“I thank the leadership of Simba Club for believing in us and giving us this opportunity, we are a small company and we have competed with a big company from abroad but the opportunity has fallen on us due to the Club following professionalism.

“In our distribution, we will have a shop and a special vehicle for the sale of jerseys and we will walk to every place where the team will be present to ensure that every Simba fan gets the real Simba jersey,” said Fred Vunjabei.