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Boniface Ambani has clarified the reasons behind his decision to go to court, after he was locked out of AFC Leopards board elections.

The former Harambee Stars striker has explained that he felt the decision to move to court will help him get justice, before the elections slated for June 23.

“I have never been interested in stopping the election and/or the exercise. All I want is clarity on why I was locked out,” Said Ambani.

“I believe elections should be free, fair, credible; and overseen by a neutral body. I’m just seeking justice. Nothing more. God bless,

“I presented myself to the EMG on numerous occasions including the date they had set for presentation of nomination papers by aspirants.

“I had all the necessary documents including the nomination fee. They asked for time to review my case, but to date, they haven’t responded to me as to why they locked me out.

“Seeing that time was running out, I decided to seek legal redress. I needed to get a neutral body to address my exclusion from the aspirants’ list and the electoral process as a whole given that not even a dispute committee had been put in place.”

On Thursday, Ambani through his lawyer Elvis Majani, filed a petition claiming that the elections body cannot oversee the process in a fair manner due to its constitution and thus wants it disbanded.

“The Applicants constitutional rights have been violated and are still being violated as he has been denied the chance to contest in the Respondent’s elections of 23rd June 2019, despite being duly qualified as per the Elections act,” reads part of the letter obtained by Goal.

“The Elections Management Group which is meant to run the said elections was not properly constituted and thus illegally running and managing the said elections.

“That it is in the interest of justice that the application is heard on priority in order to urgently safeguard the fundamental rights of the applicant,” the letter concluded.

The elections body had given the following persons the green light to contest for the chairman’s post: Shikanda Daniel Akala, Namai Ronald Mukoya and Waliubah Ben Musundi.

Imbenzi Oliver Napali and Choge Maurice Chichi are expected to vie for the position of treasurer. No one has shown an interest to contest the post of secretary-general, which means Oscar Igaida will retain it