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Just what is ailing Manchester United’s Paul Pogba? The 26 year old has recently had a poor run of form on the field of play with his performaces drawing criticisms from a number of football fans and pundits.

Many people feel that Pogba has failed to live to his billing with some arguing that it would be proper for United for let him go.

Some people are however of the opinion that Pogba can regain his form at Juventus that saw United make a move for him. One such person is former Man United and Netherlands star Robin Van Persie.

According to Van Persie, Pogba’s form can be rejuvenated if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer plays him in a more advanced role in the United midfield.

Ole Gunnar currently plays Pogba as a defensive midfielder, a position that has failed to produce the desired results for his team and the French Man.

Van Persie feels Pogba is suited to playing more like a number 8 – a kind of box-to-box role between defensive midfield and number 10.

“For him, the coach, for us, for everyone, it’s just important to choose a position,” Said Van Persie as quoted by Manchester Evening News.

“Choose where you think, and the coach thinks, he plays the best football for himself and for the team.

“I would play him not as a defensive midfielder, and not as a number 10 but in between – number eight position.

“So, he still has his freedom, he’s not judged then on 20-plus goals a season, if he scores 10-plus goals, makes assists, everyone will look differently at him then, but it needs to be clear for everyone.”

Well, the ball is now in Ole Gunnar’s coat.

Manchester United will next be in action in the Europa League with the Red Devils taking on Russian Side AZ Alkamaar before taking on Newcastle United in the English Premier League.