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Following Reports that the Kenya’s National Women’s Netball team was stranded in Cape Town South Africa, Senate Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen has revealed that the Senate Committee for sports will look into the matter.

“The Senate Committee responsible for sports will investigate the matter, establish the truth and recommend appropriate action. The committee is chaired by Sakaja Johnson” Said Murkomen.

Murkomen’s assurance comes in the midst of conflicting reports from South Africa with the Netball team denying reports that it has been neglected.

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Other reports have also indicated that the ladies were threatened with dire consequences should they dare reveal their predicaments to the media.

Popular Sports journalist Carol Radul, who highlighted the plight of the ladies through her social media pages claimed that the ladies were silenced from Speaking Out.

“When the same person who employs you tells you to deny the truth what choice do you have? So hard to help suffering sports people when none have the guts to speak up. But you can’t hide the truth forever,” She lamented.

Radul has earlier given a detailed account of the suffering of the team in Capetown.

“THIS is our National Women’s Netball Team. They left Kenya last Thursday night to participate in the Africa Cup Championship in CapeTown. 18- 23rd Oct. Government got them air tickets and visas. On arrival at their hotel on Friday morning they were denied entry because “your government has not paid.” The girls went to the tournament venue; showered in a gym and played their first game later that day on empty stomachs”.

“A Kenyan who lives in Cape Town and knew one team member felt sorry for them, bought them bread and milk and took them to a lodge owned by a Cameroonian lady who agreed to house them as “your government settles the bill.” The Cameroonian lady has been feeding them when she can afford to, at her cost but most of the time, the girls sleep hungry. They won one game against Malawi but lost all the others”.

“The girls are due to leave tomorrow (Thursday) though the lodge owner will retain some passports until bills are cleared. When contacted yesterday by officials from the team, the government ALLEGEDLY said: “before issuing payment for hotels we need three different quotes to show why a particular hotel was selected.” That was yesterday (Tuesday).

“The girls have been hustling since Friday morning. I broke down while speaking to someone on the ground a few minutes ago. I have tried to call the Sports Ministry but no answer. This is shameful and disgusting. These girls deserve better and sadly this isn’t the first team facing such an issue. This is the #ShameOfRepresentingKenya in Sport”.

This is not the first time Kenyan teams have faced tribulations in foreign countries. Just a few weeks ago, the Kenya Lionesses (Women Rugby) were neglected by the government during the Olympic Qualifiers.

Malkia Strikers(Volleyball) and Harambee Starlets(soccer) are other women teams that have faced challenges in recent times.